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taken from Akito who got it in thusia. Very useful. 

Vanessa's relationships towards everyone tend to shift and change, depending on how you treat her and how she sees you.


according to vanessa.

// friends //
best friends - Triumvirate, Titalia, Lyra - [above all others]
close friends - Asclepius - [sharing secrets and dreams] 
friends - [laughing together] -
on good terms - Matheus - [our silver lining]
friends by association - Yatagarasu, Artephius - [a smile passing by]
emerging friends - Alekszandre - [tentative bonds]
former friends - {dark druids} - [gone astray]
longtime friends - Luna, Titalia, Lyra, Ellspeth - [for so long]

\\ enemies \\
mortal enemies - [to the death]
bitter enemies - [take my poison]
enemies - [deep and bitter thoughts]
at odds - [set against each other]
enemies by association - Everyone Against Beelze - [no kind words]
uneasy truce (Kingdoms she's still banned from) - [wary eyes on your back]
once enemies - Wind Sprites - [old scars we've forgotten]
rivals - Parvati - [never gonna break my stride]

|| lovers ||
love from the heart - Beelzebub, Babel - [forever is not enough]
friends with benefits - Lucrexia - [too deep to be romance]
hand-holding - [touching still so new]
maybe something - Messiah - [a little crush is a great weight]
practicality - [we just weren't meant to be]
past love - Leonard - [used to be so tender]
secret glances - [no one needs to know]

|| playmates ||
lovehate - [can't stop thinking about hating you]
fling - [had fun and left behind]
in love with love - - [why can't this be more]
unrequited - [holding these frustrated dreams]
interest - Thanatos  -  [just my type]
physical attraction - Loki's Boots - [an eye for the sensual]
obsession  - [if you won't be mine]

{{ where the heart is }}
kin (Star of Ascension/The Court) - [unbreakable bonds]
longing (Asclepius to Lyra) - [burrowing deep into your life]
seeking - [think well of me]
hesitating (Ammaemon) - [what getting too close may bring]
sympathy - [an umbrella in the rain]
trusting (Triumvirate) - [the good in you]
mentor - (The First Druid, Triumvirate, Orpheus Telos, Izanagi) - [sincerest form of flattery]
respectful - [never let me down]

{{ where the heart isn't }}
worthy of study - [take you apart to find how you work]
means to an end - [use the useful]
false friends - [these pleasant lying smiles]
hurtful things - [cruel without reason]
dismissal - [passed over like a shadow]
shut up (Parvati) - [every little thing annoys]
chew toy (Lyra towards everyone else) - [your pain pleases]
surface - (everyone starts out like this) [easy to mistake for sincerity]


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