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Mostly entries are reserved for the access list, but once in awhile I'll release public posts. 

I'm just a girl trying to make it in this world, and be happy while doing it. Struggling, falling, then getting up and succeeding, because when you're down, the only other way to go is up.

oh dear.

Jul. 20th, 2015 01:44 pm
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 I've been inactive for a long, long time, haven't I? XD

Sigh...I really should update some more.
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I still don’t have any idea how to describe myself. Personality-wise, I am an INFP, meaning Introversion, Intuition, Feeling and Perceiving. I live most comfortably inside my head and it’s difficult for me to express feelings if I’m not comfortable with a person. This is especially true when I really, really want to get to know a person…especially if my feelings are above and beyond friendship.

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 I started a new journal on LJ for Vanessa, a very...I can't even describe her. She's a moon druid and married to the king of the Underworld, whose named Beelzebub and is in many ways the perfect husband.

I imported her entries here for fun and for relaxation.

Road and I are fine, by the way. XD
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"Instead of succumbing to the mist that would leave her a soulless husk, the queen looked at her intended one last time and set herself aflame--and from there, yggdrassil began to take root."

"He held fast and for the first time knew not what to do. She could not be lost, the Mother of..."

if I could find the fragments this would make more sense )
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These sentences are quite possibly related. :3 More bits of fiction, hooray.


All demons were fast asleep when it happened. Their red sky split into segments of blue and white, with the golden moon splitting open like an egg. From it, a deep mist unfurled and out crawled creatures the likes of which no one had ever seen.

Slowly, they fell out, waxy and newly-born before taking a somewhat dragon-shape. It preyed upon a kingdom of demons well-after the merrymaking hours, enveloping the castle and its' people in a deep, impenetrable fog.
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All demons were fast asleep when it happened. Their red sky split into segments of blue and white, with the golden moon splitting open like an egg. From it, a deep mist unfurled and out crawled creatures the likes of which no one had ever seen.

Slowly, they fell out, waxy and newly-born before taking a somewhat dragon-shape. It preyed upon a kingdom of demons well-after the merrymaking hours, enveloping the castle and its' people in a deep, impenetrable fog.
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An excerpt from a thesis statement titled "The History of Magicians and Sorcerors" written by the (fictional) scholar, Belle S. Rikann, in the year 1064, C.D. Originally found from here and may use it as a basis for the magic that goes on in the Advocatus Diaboli, my baby novel in progress. It isn't even progressing--it's still being created.

"The biggest mistake humans make in regards to magic is the assumption that there are only 4 elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. What they fail to realize is that not only are these 4 just part of a larger cycle, they assume that Wind and Earth are opposing elements, which is incorrect.

In truth, there are a total of 12 Elements of magic, which can be broken into 3 different "layers", to use a layman's term. The first layer is the Corporeal Layer, which consists of Fire, Water, Earth, and Lightning, not wind. the Elements in this Layer are easily identified, as they all have an immediate form. Fire gives warmth, Lightning* gives life, water sustains life, and the Earth provides the land we walk upon. (*may take away lightning to give way to Energy; Energy can also bring forth lightning and from energy comes life -my edit)

The second layer is the Ethereal Layer, which consists of Wind, Sound, Flora, and Fauna. Although these elements don't have a "uniform" appearance, one can still recognize them. Wind is the air we breathe, Sound is how we communicate, Flora is the plants we grow and consume, and Fauna is the world's animals and, by extension, us.

The final layer is the Celestial Layer, also known as the "Invisible" Layer. it consists of Memory, Pain, Space, and Time. These 4 elements are considered "invisible" because our human eyes cannot detect their presence physically, but we know they are there. Because they are unbound by physical form, one could say they are the most powerful of the elements. These four elements form not our world, but our universe.

To best explain how these elements work, think of the total 12 elements not as a mere cycle, but as a diamond. The topmost and bottommost points of the diamond are Space and time, Respectively. Space is where everything is at one point, and Time is where one thing is at all points. If you were to, say, multiply space by time, you'd mave created the dimensions of our universe. Thus, everything else exists within space and time.

Now, the elements Memory and Pain take the leftmost and rightmost positions in the diamond. They are the next "containers", if you will. Memory is a vital backbone of civilization. We need to remember things to hold knowledge. On the other hand, all things recognize pain. Pain can be a motivator to do things, or a deterrrent from such things. Suppose we took away either one of these elements. Without the ability to remember anything, no living thing can learn, knowledge stops flowing, and we're stuck in a cycle of eternal stagnation. On the other hand, if there was no pain, we'd slowly die of any and all wounds inficted upon us, for we do not know they are killing us.

Moving on the the 2nd layer of Wind, Sound, Flora, and Fauna, these elements are placed at the 4 midpoints between the first 4. Wind is between Pain and Space, Sound is between Space and Memory, Flora is between Memory and Time, and Fauna is between Time and Pain. The 2nd layer of elements is placed here to show that although they aren't as great in scope as the 3rd layer, they are beyond the 1st layer in scope.

The Corporeal layer of elements, Fire, Water, Earth and Lightning, are placed at points where the radius between 2 2nd layer elements and 1 3rd layer element is equal in length. Allow me to explain. Fire is equidistant from Wind, Sound, and Space, Water is equidistant from Sound, Flora, and Memory, Earth is equidistant from Flora, Fauna, and Time, and Lightning is equidistant from Fauna, Wind, and Pain.

My colleague, Quartz D. Valenhamm, head scientist of the City of Cheryll, has begun research into the possibility of a centermost element, that, in theory, is an amalgamation of the other 12, each in equal amounts. Whether this "Primevil Element" exists, I cannot say. I have no interest in joining him in such an endeavor.
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A persona with access to your Bible with...other things in mind is probably what led to this. Devotion is on a whole 'nother level with this girl. 

and now, to the psalm )

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Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious facebook page of forgotten lore

I came upon a group reminiscing on faerie tales, ever more. Well in that dark hour did Lunaria espy a new horror beginning. While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door. 'Tis some visitor,' I muttered, `tapping at my chamber door -
Only this, and nothing more.'

It was the ghost of Razul rapping at my chamber door. With his dark and dusty bones would haunt my nights for the ages. Until the day of children coming when that dusty Razul would haunt my nightmares, "Nevermore."

In the proper sense, Razul was once the prim Dr. Crooked, who ran the Moonbow Asylum deep in the trenches of the Great and Awful Forest. Dr. Crooked was the man responsible for running the Asylum (by the order of the Rotten King, naturally) and had a fascinatingly wide smile and a fondness for lemon-flavored sweets. All that changed when Lunaria phased into the new moon, and was reborn into a saner version of herself, one that the Sun might have favored. 

When the Grimm world's moon changed her phase, all under her contract was affected, no matter how small. Dr. Crooked thought that the new moon phase would help ease the Asylum patients' usual screams and ramblings and so invited Lunaria to visit. Sadly, things did not go as planned and Lunaria was murdered within the Asylum, by the very creatures under her domain and contract. A new Luna, crazier than the last took to the skies and punished Dr. Crooked for turning a blind eye--for he was preoccupied when Lunaria was screaming for help.

A spell was put on Dr. Crooked for this ghastly deed; and he became Razul: a monster dedicated to power and bloodlust, made only to serve one more powerful than he. As the Asylum began to fail and the inmates broke out and wreaked havoc over the Grimm Lands, a handful of children during the Golden Age were able to imprison Razul inside a brass lamp, hiding it within the cove of a Sea Witch deep in Atlantica. 

Inside Razul bides his time, waiting for the perfect child to bless with his curse: to give a child of great Imagination power, but at what price?

The good Dr. Crooked (before things went Horribly Wrong)

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Ideas have knocked themselves into my head. I like them, very much. They should come more often.

·         Grimm is a world born from a little girl’s wish to be with her friend, the Devil, forever. He gave her a blank canvas and called it the World (for since when does the Devil ever love anything, much less a tiny scrap of a human with imagination thick enough to cover hell with frozen ice cream, not just ice) and encouraged her to start drawing. When she was finished, the Devil smiled and promptly made her forget that she did in fact draw the plans of the entire world into being and gave her plans to God.

and this is a skeleton for "plot" )

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“I want to see you.”

“I miss you.”

These are the words I find in the drafts folder of my cellphone, but the sentences aren’t even mine. The feelings are still there, though. No one ever said that playing host to a pair of lovers was going to be easy, but I never thought that it would amount to this.

One night she managed to send that message, while he was beside us. He looked at her and said “Really, now? You could have said something.”

“You don’t understand,” Vanessa murmured softly. When Beelzebub did take over, he walked her to the bus stop and she said, “Your host doesn’t understand what I meant when I said I missed you, darling.”

The smile he gave was a little wistful, though mostly amused. “I did, though.”

“Of course you did,” Vanessa said as she climbed onto the bus, using my body—although I’m very sure that it was her body he saw, and not mine. Just as when she looks at him, she sees the demon king she’s loved and married. “you always do.” 

Word Dump

May. 17th, 2012 10:32 pm
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It's like an art dump, only more word-y. None of my usual stuff feels like me.

Creative frustration is destructive. )

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What's happening to you, Shigure? I understand you and your children want to be the strongest, but why make it look like everyone else is weak? 

I know that I definitely did not overload during the tandem session with Beelzebub...

It's annoying...and I've heard murmurs that Shigure is becoming annoyed with my hostess...

If this was all that was going to happen...

Why bother waking me up in the first place?
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While travelling in the Great and Awful forest, unwary visitors to Grimm may find the glass and crystal cairn of a 10 year-old girl. As you peer in you see her--golden curls entangled with pink fairy floss and a bittersweet grin. The clothes she wears are covered with bits of gum and other sugary confections - and the edges of her dress are singed jet black. Near her coffin there is a cracked bowl with remnants of porridge, being eaten up by ants. 

Standing in front of the casket, looking in a way that could only be described as 'cheerfully somber' is another little girl wearing a jet-black bonnet. Her eyes glitter like half-dead ladybugs, creeping upon a pale winter face. "She was just right..." 

When asked for her name, a curtsy is offered and the bonnet shivers ever-so-slightly. "Muffet." In her dainty gloved hands she holds a nut-brown picnic basket. There is a crunching sound in the undergrowth of the forest and Muffet's red eyes grow fearful. She thrusts the picnic basket at you and as she runs off towards the east, you notice that spiders keep falling from her bonnet. As you watch her run away, an old rhyme skitters around your breakfast-deprived brain.

Little Miss Muffet...sat on a tuffet...eating her curds and whey.

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I love gadgets, believe me, but hostess's mother and I think alike! Hostess was devastated when her magical ninja wallet (it disappeared and reappeared for at least a year, and at one point found its' way into Andrae's backpack--we still have no idea how it happened) was left behind in an FX whilst she was commuting home. ID cards and her bank card was lost--we'll be reporting it to UST's Security Bank on Monday. 

it was a fabulous day )

and now I have to finish her Geography take-home exam so that we can focus on mathematics and logic tomorrow...;; 
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My World Literature teacher gave me an assignment, which was to write a reaction paper on “Never Give All the Heart.” I asked a friend for some help and he said “Correlate it to 5 Centimeters Per Second [yes, it's an anime.]” So I watched a clip while writing my thoughts down.

I think that this type of reaction is more personal and has a “blogg-y feel”, so I wanted to run it by you guys first.

Aside from being a book lover, I am an anime fan. 5 Centimeters Per Second was recommended to me when I was looking for answers. See, my homework is supposedly to react about “Never Give All the Heart,” but I wanted to do something different other than just reacting, because I’d just say what everyone else said.

I can't believe I wrote this before I met you. )
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"The Ancient Children vol.1"

There was an Isolated God that introduced himself as the ‘true Creator’ to mortals in Urisar and promised them riches and salvation for only one, tiny little favor: that they abandon their beliefs in false gods and worship only him—the Overlord, the Creator of All. At first, the other gods in the Divine Realms weren’t worried. This had been attempted many times before, and it nearly always failed. But then again, none of those gods were like Abbaddon the Swallower. When the other gods weren’t looking, Abbaddon simply opened his mouth and swallowed them whole and absorbed their powers. It didn’t take too long for him to completely absorb and digest the god of Invulnerability—in fact, that was the second god he went after. Thus the people of Urisar were blessed by Abbaddon’s presence and it was he who taught them the secrets of weaving magic and metal to achieve complex machinery.

I hope this makes some sort of sense... )

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“On the Course of Remembrance”

Memory’s like a one-trick pony: you either remember it, or you don’t. Of course, once magic comes into play, there’s always a small part of me that questions if this is truly my memory, or just a memory that I acquired from all my years of living…and I’ve been alive a long time, although not in the same body. Bodies are limiting things; I prefer to be everywhere just by thinking about it—but wishful thinking, that. I’m sure there was a time when magic was rampant in the world and it stopped when a group of foolish humans decided to kill the mortal God’s son. I wasn’t part of the festivities, but I was allowed to watch. And I did watch, watch as the son’s spirit stood beside me on Mount Golgotha and watched as they tortured his mortal body. “It’s like they want to see how much blood I have.”

all i want is you and me, always. )
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Note: also I'm starting to hate my story already :T WILL BE DELETING ENTRIES. And posting up separate character sketches to find a good place to start.

I look at him and have to smile
We were apart for a while
His hair blowing in the open window of my car
And as we walk the garden lights
I watch them glimmer in his eyes
In the darkness of the evening

this is embarrassing )


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