aguu: The same boy is shroud in shadow, his eyes are the only things seen, in white. He's in a circular, steel cage. (cornered)
  • I wish I could curl up into a ball deep inside my head and pretend I'm someone else
  • I wish I could trust vegetables, but they always look green.
  • I wish I could throw myself off of a tall building, spread my wings and fly. (no, it isn't suicidal. I want to be a bird.)
  • I wish I could find out what made things change.
  • I wish I could play with the small me that runs around my head sometimes. 
  • I wish I could learn to laugh and play with blocks like I used to. 
  • I wish I could eat a lot of pop-tarts and not gain weight. 
  • I wish I could remember what happened everyday in the whole entire world.
  • I wish I could forget that I'm just one person with a lot of voices running through my head. 
  • I wish I could clean up my thoughts, they're getting messy.
  • I wish I could accomplish more.
  • I wish I could get over being awkward and scared and childish and small.


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