Apr. 8th, 2012

aguu: (rose queen)

“On the Course of Remembrance”

Memory’s like a one-trick pony: you either remember it, or you don’t. Of course, once magic comes into play, there’s always a small part of me that questions if this is truly my memory, or just a memory that I acquired from all my years of living…and I’ve been alive a long time, although not in the same body. Bodies are limiting things; I prefer to be everywhere just by thinking about it—but wishful thinking, that. I’m sure there was a time when magic was rampant in the world and it stopped when a group of foolish humans decided to kill the mortal God’s son. I wasn’t part of the festivities, but I was allowed to watch. And I did watch, watch as the son’s spirit stood beside me on Mount Golgotha and watched as they tortured his mortal body. “It’s like they want to see how much blood I have.”

all i want is you and me, always. )


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