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 Back then I've always compared myself to a little bird stuck in a golden cage, mostly because I felt that my parents restricted me from life. I wasn't allowed to commute to and from school (when all my other friends and classmates were learning) and I wasn't even allowed to walk in the streets, in daylight. Now that I've grown up (more or less) a little bit of freedom is nice. They've learned to give me that much, at least.

I guess that's why I identify a lot with characters like Akito/Agito/Lind Wanijima and Road Kamelot, if she wasn't an actual soul stalking me til the end of time (<3). I know what it's like to be confined inside a house, to be taken to and from school by car, thinking that it's normal and being told that no, it isn't. 

I'm glad I'm no longer stuck inside the house, but the double-standards for men and women make my life so frustrating in this country. It's too traditional. I can't ask a boy out for a meal or drinks because it's too 'aggressive' and the boy will see me as just 'a friend' and I can't go on a roadtrip because it's 'too far,' or 'it's not nice for a girl to go out with friends without chaperones' when my brother is 16 and he was allowed to do such a thing (there -were- chaperones, however) and he was allowed to commute. He can do a lot of things I can't, simply because of his gender. 

My parents know it irritates me to no end, wanting gender equality. But at the same time they want me to conform, when I know deep inside I cannot. 

I refuse to, because it isn't fair. Why can't I do all the things a man can do, and in a dress, to boot? 

Agh. It may seem like no big deal, but it is.

Why am I old enough to find a job, but not old enough to go on a trip on my own? 

When will I ever be old enough for you, parents?

I sound like a teenager, haha.


Sep. 9th, 2011 08:39 pm
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I know that when you have rebonded hair you can't tie it back, but...argh, I just want to tie it into a half-ponytail, or a small ponytail, anything but leaving it down all the time, ah. T ~ T

Why must you be fluffy, wavy, curly and hard to manage naturally?

; A ;

le sigh. It's rebonding for me, every year. @ w @ ;;


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