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 I started a new journal on LJ for Vanessa, a very...I can't even describe her. She's a moon druid and married to the king of the Underworld, whose named Beelzebub and is in many ways the perfect husband.

I imported her entries here for fun and for relaxation.

Road and I are fine, by the way. XD
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 It's the name of my new community, but it's closed. Mostly a scrapbook of essays and things that I'll do for class, so I minimize the noise and clutter on the reading page. xD [community profile] reverberation is a fitting name, I believe. <3
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 And now that person has dubbed himself as Pinkie Pie, and myself as Rainbow Dash, saying that it fit my personality. I laughed--I'm enjoying watching it. IRL I'm still the same awkward person around individuals I don't really know...and I haven't been watching too much anime because...well...this PC can't handle it and I need a new laptop, badly, so I can't really go out like the others do...

Ah, the troubles of being a college student. xD Trivial and yet feels like the end of the world...

Time to read up on my notes about History, we have a lot of catching up to do~
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Well, I sure as hell am motivated more to update my LJ, although the entries won't be as long or informative. This is supposed to be a fiction-only blog but eh; whatever xD Like I tapped my Nanowrimo I guess I can slowly update this way too.

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 A/N: My fingers are numb. D: also, writing by hand is much more fun than typing, I found out. 8D

Came back from watching Toy Story 3. inner (but always let loose) child is happy. And wants to play with toys more often.

In all the long, dreary months Adrian Nagant spent in the noise-filled streets of Makati City, it had been filled with golden sunshine, the harsh, stony concrete coming alive as if an odd, rocky flower. Hungry dogs prowled the early morning streets free from the havoc, the warbled drunken singing of poor men with pot bellies and grimy children aged six or nine, learning how to curse, blame and beg for food. Seated in the plush seat of the taxi, the green-eyed youth saw not the prettiness of the perfectly built fountains and decorative gardens, but of the hardship that others--especially politicians, his mind was quick to point out--chose to turn a blind eye to reserving their tears for yet another meaningless press conference with the media, an absurd play that he had long known and deeply despised. 

I finally finished. == )
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 A/N: The moment I become much thinner, I think I'd love to play dress-up for a really, really long time. Heeheehee. Always, always, I've wanted to dress up in a long ballgown and smile prettily at a party. But I didn't want the unwelcome attention that I was trying too hard. Nowadays it doesn't matter much, with the influx of cosplay...I really wonder if my soul is just quite old. When I get the chance, I'll make sure to hold a Victorian-style wedding. 

Now, for the chapter. Since I myself do not know what Elizabeth looks like in her usual clothes, I think I'll just let the words come to me...but for now, I would like to prolong the moment, a little longer. 


Chapter 12 - Uncertainty

October 12, 20xx
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The fun thing with writing about these two is that their bank accounts literally have no limit, thanks to the work they both do. A little bit of trivia: Adrian Nicholas Santiago Nagant has a black AMEX credit card. He has no spending limit, but of course, no one knows that. Well, Elizabeth might...but who knows, ne?

Haha, it may be just me, but I thought of Elizabeth wanting to set up a 'date' night for Adrian and the rest of the really would be cute, to have those two at a restaurant, with Nagant filling his glass with brandy and wine as Elizabeth chattered away. Maybe for a birthday episode...? 

Fillers are quite fun to think about...(that and I just revel in the one-sided love. Nagant will do anything to ensure that he looks normal, and if that's what normal is, well, then...)
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Chapter 11 - You have your dreams, I have mine.

A/N: Hey there. o/ I would type something large that could (probably) be explained in a few sentences, but I won't, except that there's more than enough extras in this chapter. My facebook note posts (where I tag my friends who have been most helpful--thank you so much guys, without you reading, I think I would have given up all hope sooner.) are drafts at best, and six hours, or a day or two I re-read my chapters and pad them with more 'meat' if they're too thin, or I leave them as they are if I can't think of anything to add. 

If you're a new reader that stumbled across here somehow, thank you, and I hope you enjoy reading! :)

As a child, Nagant always figured that his Godfather knew best, even if he had been hard and ruthless. He believed in his Godfather, in some irrational and unexplainable way, and fully thought that Godfather had prepared him for anything life could throw at him. Obviously, interacting with women and saving them wasn't part of the plan. His whole body felt rigid and unnatural as he held a girl, especially one whom he deemed extremely annoying. He was used to dealing with corpses that had to be moved, bodies that struggled when tortured, bodies that fought. Being this close to her, he could see that her lashes were dark in contrast to the bright eyes that hid underneath, her breath coming slow and steady. 

You piss me off, in more ways than one. But you look so small from here?

Nagant could feel the sweat on his palms, and he gripped Elizabeth Browning's body tighter. "If I wasn't so tall...I would've tripped on your hair by now." He muttered as he finally made it to the clinic, pushing it open with his left arm.

I can survive, with you by my side... )


Awww...xD A very rare emo Nagant moment. I hope it wasn't too over-the-top...heh. Even he needs a private time to release the emotion. I only hope I can remain consistent til the very end with his downward spiral...oh, the bombing incident happens after this. This should be fun...I suppose.

If you don't feel even a little bit sad for Nagant, then you either: 

a) don't care about him very much
b) I've failed as a writer
c) your name is Anton and you live to annoy me IRL. And there is only ONE of you.

Read and review, as always? :)
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Chapter 8 - Black Butterfly


A/N: My only regret is that this is shorter than most chapters. xD The moments when I'm inspired are few and far between, looking at my journal entries.


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And then another chapter has begun. \o/
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 A/N: Well, it has been awhile, hasn't it? 

Adrian popped two pills into his mouth, choosing to chew on them instead of taking a swig of water. Rosenrot was peaceful in the early morning, before students and children decided to sully it with noise. The bitter flavor of the drug distracted him from the yelling and screaming going on in his head, and once he swallowed, it was gone.

Too much sweet syrup can make you bitter... )
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A/N: Re-reading the questions [ profile] northernharrier and I have for our characters, it's like trying really hard to keep from laughing, and gushing like a schoolgirl. xD these two are such fun to play with, I want to bring them out sometime for other kinds of stories!~ heehee. 

EHHH! XD I need to go, but I'll post this as "unfinished." I'll continue this later, probably around 3AM...? ;D or something, because sometimes the laptop gets taken away from me (my aunt owns this, but she teases me of being the actual owner since I use it more than she does xD)

"Well, next up is 'Open Forum' where our two newest officers will be answering any questions about themselves. The other officers may ask as well, provided that they return to their seats in the front row." 
Nagant, Browning, have you ever...? )


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I’ve decided to put my other story on hold...I just, well for being totally honest, I struggle with it and it’s come to a point where the people involved in it are too busy to answer some clarifications/read through the first few chapters...or even comment on it. I’ll take it up again once there’s for now, expect updates on Story.

So I have to go for now, as my dad is annoying me to get off the laptop again.


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