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The Story – Chapter 1, redone.


One; A classic – The usual stories need a boy. A boy of strength and unusual character, a bright red amongst a sea of grey nameless formless people.

One day, I will be just like my father. )

Word Count; 1, 207 <3
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A/N: This is my comfort, this is my solace. This tastes like home and smells of dust and all the damned noisy things that make me crave what I always wanted – to belong. It might be OOC for Nagant and Browning, but that’s what I love about this piece—it’s the type of moment I want them to have.

In a busy world where the world itself seems to be wearing running shoes, any solace is welcome. For children, it is their homes, for adults it is the land of sleep, where there is no one to impress, no one to fear and nothing to do.

Adrian wondered if she had a twin. )

Plot Map.

Sep. 20th, 2010 07:22 pm
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A/N: Because I like confusing things, let's see how I do with this. XD 

Adrian Nagant's godfather, Lytonal von Rosenburg has five big companies. The first one is headed by Lytonal himself, the second headed by Adrian Nagant, third by Noahn, and the fourth and fifth serve as fronts for the backup and medical training facilities, where Elizabeth Browning was brought when she was ten years old. The medical training facility experiments on different training programs for children, which gets its' funding from Noahn. Children, says Lytonal are easiest to train because they absorb information like sponges.

Discipline is important for perfect soldiers, but they are "like shells, that no longer think and move for themselves."

Noahn agrees with discipline, but he was interested in developing the emotion for soldiers. Humans have emotions; pushing them aside for the sake of war can lead to post-traumatic stress, but if humans could tap into their emotions instead of burying them, the energy expended to bury the feelings could be used to help further along accurate shots, intelligence, and the like.

He funded the Perfect Soldier Project (lulz) that aims to make people stronger by utilizing their emotions, not hiding them. Of all the subjects, Elizabeth was the strongest. She was given the name White Death, and given the task to protect her client, no matter who they may be. 

Noahn doesn't tell Lytonal about the project, but he finds out anyway and approves, thinking that Noahn was thinking of Lytonal's benefit. He does, after all have a lot of enemies.

Adrian Nagant, on the other hand witnesses the murder of his parents, and completely scarred, is left to lie on the ground remembering the USB that his parents died for. Lytonal picks Adrian Nagant up and prescribes special medicine, labelled DreamWake that helps keep his nightmares and guilt away, but leaves him vulnerable to addiction. Using this as motivation, Lytonal trains Nagant to become a perfect hitman, named Black Captain.

They're both good at what they do.

The contents of the USB Nagant's parents died for was full of information about White Death, and had a recording that reminded Nagant that his godfather was bad news, and that they were protecting him from Lytonal.

@u@ I know Lytonal is bad news. But I don't know why.


The School thing:

Rosenrot Academy is a school full of talented people, from academics to the arts. But the academy is also home to mafia princesses, army children, divorced and broken children, creatively mad children. It's a hodgepodge of everything.

Browning and Nagant are both sent to the school on separate missions.

Nagant is looking for more recruits to give to Godfather for training.

Browning is looking for clients and is researching on the reason why the academy prizes the creative and the broken.

I muse.

Sep. 20th, 2010 04:16 pm
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A/N: This is srs business, bro. Also, tell me if this sounds about right. xD I like writing about us, still. I haven't abandoned the Story project, just tweaking plot points here and there and writing drabbles.

Written in a moving car, herp derp.
It's made of seven, twelve, five hundred thousand people all living ordinary lives. )
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 A/N: Well, it has been awhile, hasn't it? 

Adrian popped two pills into his mouth, choosing to chew on them instead of taking a swig of water. Rosenrot was peaceful in the early morning, before students and children decided to sully it with noise. The bitter flavor of the drug distracted him from the yelling and screaming going on in his head, and once he swallowed, it was gone.

Too much sweet syrup can make you bitter... )


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