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 Good Lord, all the books that I amassed over the years (and then bought more books in New Zealand) just came. Boxes full of books and majority of them are mine (including notebooks.) 

I'll be arranging them all...I think it's safe to assume I have over a thousand or at least a hundred books in my collection, and my shelves are very few. 

*sigh* Glorious wonderful books and notebooks. They're the only serious vice I have; and a heavy one, too! 

When I have the funds I would want to make a library out of all my books, and have them next to notebooks. I write down passages from my favourites and make a commonplace book out of it.

Haha, oh the life a bookworm leads. Delicious.

(Road says that a woman back in her days needed to be educated and wealthy to read books. So I suppose I'm rather rich. :)) LOL.)


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