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It isn't anything really serious, but an Internet friend of mine is asking for donations behind her boyfriend's back so she can see him (as a surprise!) He has access to my tumblr, my twitter and I think he'd click on my Wordpress blog too, so...I'd like to ask for help to spread the word around.

They're in a long-distance relationship; she lives in the US and he lives in Europe and this will be the first time they'll see each other, if she can raise enough money.

Click here:
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So, I have some high school friends that opened up their own anime forum recently, so if you're into that kind of thing, peep inside. <3

Click over here for the Dere-Moe forums. :) Run by really nice people and they know how to hold an equally enjoyable conversation.

The second link is full of my favourite--untranslatable words. English is pretty flawed (well, it is very useful, true~) and other languages...pretty much have words we can never exactly describe.

Wander Here for the 20 awesomely untranslatable words (shared from [community profile] inkstains)~ And that's all for now.

Had Mum's shop blessed by a priest today and Road asked Mum for caramel mudshake vodka, which she complied...o 3o;; so yay. She says it tastes like medicine but we like it well enough.


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