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 ♥ I'm extremely thankful for my Nanowrimo group, and I was happy I got to go. (as long as it was in Robinson's, of course I got to go) And stealing [ profile] koiniochite 's cute title template thing;; because it's cute and I'm unoriginal like that...

We had the meeting inside a Starbucks and continued at Pizza Hut Bistro, and it was so crazy and fun~ we had Write or Die (with me scribbling frantically on a piece of paper with a Sharpie in three minutes...if I hadn't contracted my words I would have won the new Starbucks 2012 planner--it's gorgeous, the cover's wood) and talked about plotting and just got together to chat about what's been happening with our lives before and after November.

I love the group with all its' eccentric people--I call them my people because they're the ones that can look at my quirks and not bat an eye (and in some cases, they top it with their own!) and we're all basically crazed writers, mentors looking for newbies (but not asking outright) and newbies looking for mentors (but too shy to ask) and ah! 

30 days of literary abandon, here I come.

My nanowrimo name is Ruria, by the way.


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