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“I want to see you.”

“I miss you.”

These are the words I find in the drafts folder of my cellphone, but the sentences aren’t even mine. The feelings are still there, though. No one ever said that playing host to a pair of lovers was going to be easy, but I never thought that it would amount to this.

One night she managed to send that message, while he was beside us. He looked at her and said “Really, now? You could have said something.”

“You don’t understand,” Vanessa murmured softly. When Beelzebub did take over, he walked her to the bus stop and she said, “Your host doesn’t understand what I meant when I said I missed you, darling.”

The smile he gave was a little wistful, though mostly amused. “I did, though.”

“Of course you did,” Vanessa said as she climbed onto the bus, using my body—although I’m very sure that it was her body he saw, and not mine. Just as when she looks at him, she sees the demon king she’s loved and married. “you always do.” 

Word Dump

May. 17th, 2012 10:32 pm
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It's like an art dump, only more word-y. None of my usual stuff feels like me.

Creative frustration is destructive. )


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