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Because it is that annoying to wait for this Boutique computer to load El-jay. Added a few bits and pieces.

There's something inherently annoying when you're working with a PC that doesn't have a videocard, and loads like an ancient computer struggling to open a Word document. I can load all-text sites though, so in between waiting for Facebook to open up I can check the NaNoWriMo forums and my various blogs, although not Wordpress, regrettably.

Your Writing Space is a particularly delicious read, as well as Your Favourite Writing Food.

My mom is urging me to enter a "blog and promote all the good things about Japan, and what you would do if you could go here" contest; they're giving away 10,000 free round-trip tickets, but you have to pay for your own accomodations and other expenses, and if you do get a round-trip ticket, you have to document (complete with photos) your journey and post it onto your blog ASAP. 

My blogs don't get that much traffic but I've really wanted to go to Japan since I was a child, and there's no harm in trying, ne? Mmh, yes. Although I am convinced that life would be better if I had access to my own laptop--no people asking if they can use and there's something satisfying about owning a thing that is yours, and yours alone. :'( *sadface*

Mmh, going to handwrite that onto my dotty journal while in the Boutique. I seem to get more work done here than anywhere else, even at home. {because home is where food and multimillion dollar distractions are. Seriously. my soul is weak, forgive me.} Going to start walking/exercising more (or forcing myself to every now and then) because I really want to dress up in nice clothes, for a change. [/emoshit]

So, hello guys. Sorry I've been away for these couple of days. Anxiety-ridden creature reporting, mainly because woo, grades come out tomorrow. Online! But I won't be able to check right away--everyone's trying to get in to view their grades and well, the servers, I'm gathering are equally old {and in a 400 year-old university that isn't a hyperbole} and will sputter and choke from the traffic. So, I'll let the others with fast ISPs break their F5 buttons, and check on Sunday. Wish me luck. ;_;

That's all, really. I ate lots of cake and food today because it was my mom's birthday celebration which is counterproductive to my emoshit rant, but y'know. Birthday celebrations, etc. Not going to eat dinner anymore.

Hope everyone's doing well.


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