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 A/N: My fingers are numb. D: also, writing by hand is much more fun than typing, I found out. 8D

Came back from watching Toy Story 3. inner (but always let loose) child is happy. And wants to play with toys more often.

In all the long, dreary months Adrian Nagant spent in the noise-filled streets of Makati City, it had been filled with golden sunshine, the harsh, stony concrete coming alive as if an odd, rocky flower. Hungry dogs prowled the early morning streets free from the havoc, the warbled drunken singing of poor men with pot bellies and grimy children aged six or nine, learning how to curse, blame and beg for food. Seated in the plush seat of the taxi, the green-eyed youth saw not the prettiness of the perfectly built fountains and decorative gardens, but of the hardship that others--especially politicians, his mind was quick to point out--chose to turn a blind eye to reserving their tears for yet another meaningless press conference with the media, an absurd play that he had long known and deeply despised. 

I finally finished. == )


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