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"The Ancient Children vol.1"

There was an Isolated God that introduced himself as the ‘true Creator’ to mortals in Urisar and promised them riches and salvation for only one, tiny little favor: that they abandon their beliefs in false gods and worship only him—the Overlord, the Creator of All. At first, the other gods in the Divine Realms weren’t worried. This had been attempted many times before, and it nearly always failed. But then again, none of those gods were like Abbaddon the Swallower. When the other gods weren’t looking, Abbaddon simply opened his mouth and swallowed them whole and absorbed their powers. It didn’t take too long for him to completely absorb and digest the god of Invulnerability—in fact, that was the second god he went after. Thus the people of Urisar were blessed by Abbaddon’s presence and it was he who taught them the secrets of weaving magic and metal to achieve complex machinery.

I hope this makes some sort of sense... )


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