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Ideas have knocked themselves into my head. I like them, very much. They should come more often.

·         Grimm is a world born from a little girl’s wish to be with her friend, the Devil, forever. He gave her a blank canvas and called it the World (for since when does the Devil ever love anything, much less a tiny scrap of a human with imagination thick enough to cover hell with frozen ice cream, not just ice) and encouraged her to start drawing. When she was finished, the Devil smiled and promptly made her forget that she did in fact draw the plans of the entire world into being and gave her plans to God.

Now God, being the agreeable and ineffable fellow that He was, checked the plans and approved them, and made the earth as we know it today. As omnipotent as He is, God knew that there was a little girl that the Devil victimized and used (because when Lucifer walked down to Hell he forgot to grab a spare bucket of creativity) and as a peace-gift, God gave the little girl her own world, and called it Fairyland.

“It’s a gift,” he told her, from the empty space in mortal hearts where love should have been. No one had ever seen God before, and the empty space in the little girl’s heart was the size of a small silver room. It was the perfect meeting place, away from absurd realities and prying eyes. “Whenever you write or draw anything, it’ll end up here.”

“But how shall I visit?” She was concerned about her creations, as most little girls of seven are. God gave her a purple teddy bear and explained that the pencil inside of it would grant her access to Fairyland, as long as she remembered to draw an X on any surface.

And so this little girl started drawing, writing and all-around creating good things like the Strawberry Shortcake Islands and the Mint Forest (and she gave Humpty Dumpty more balance so that he wouldn’t fall everywhere), and she was especially proud of the day she created the Beanstalk, a great sprawling structure that reminded her of her father. The little girl grew up and the Devil decided to visit her again, and did so while she was checking up on her Fairyland creatures. Ten years had passed since they first met and the not-so-little girl was an artist and her books, her paintings, her statuettes kept Fairyland buxom and fertile and good.

The Devil brought a friend called Melusine into the picture, and the not-so-little-girl was overwhelmed with jealousy. Her anger was so great that it leaked into Fairyland, making the entities monstrous, corrupted and just a tiny bit grim. When she held Melusine’s hand, Melusine screamed—the not-so-little-girl’s hand was like fire, and she smelled like brimstone and cinnamon, which was what unchecked anger smelled like. In her haste to escape from the jealous girl’s glare she ended up in Germany and forced the Brothers Grimm to write about fairy tales—trying in vain to save the goodness the not-so-little-girl created.

The Devil was pleased. He hadn’t known just how far the not-so-little-girl’s imagination stretched and saw how she was hurting, and behind the horns and the evil intent and the darkness, he was a pretty nice guy.

The Devil held the not-so-little-girl and listened as she wished to always stay with him, no matter where he decided to go and no matter who he decided to go with.

Again the Devil said that he "would think about it," and promised that he would return. To ease her anger, he left her with two new friends: the White Angel and the Black Reaper.

The Angel and the Reaper took care of her and slowly Fairyland recuperated--but the touch of corruption was there, soaked into the girl's soul and therefore in everything she made. The not-so-little-girl bloomed into a young woman and stayed close to her Fairyland, and as she slipped out of jumpskirts and into elegant evening gowns, she was never seen without a carefully kept, well-loved purple bear. Men and even women would approach and try to win her heart but she was strictly loyal to the one entity she loved since childhood: the Devil.

On her twenty-first birthday the Devil arrived one last time and saw that she had grown beautiful and the White Angel and the Reaper had grown reasonably well since they last met. They had grown powerful and it pleased him to see that while she had grown up, her love had not changed. It was an odd feeling to know that there was a human girl that cared for him.

She had brought him a ring and he consented to wear it on his left hand, more so because he couldn’t bear the thought of her crying if he rejected it. “Only because you’re a special little girl,” he murmured more to himself than her. The corruption of Fairyland was overpowering the good, but the not-so-little-girl had grown cold and indifferent: slowly, the most prominent and popular of stories began to change.

Cinderella pushed her prince charming off of the balcony and armed herself with a whip and spike-heeled boots.

Belle ran away, never returned and left the Beast bitter and heartbroken, throwing all of the books she had ever touched into the fireplace.

Humpty Dumpty fell one too many times in fits of jealousy and madness and the side of his head split open. He declared himself the unparalleled king of the Grim Fairyland, spouting absurd laws from a throne built from a crumbling wall.

The ice penetrated all the way to the Underworld, where the heaven and hell of the Grim Fairyland existed. Eventually the not-so-little-girl declared that Fairyland’s new name was Grimm and that all the citizens were to do as they pleased. The Devil couldn’t bear seeing the lovely little child he befriended this way and had her slaughtered—and took the soul and fashioned it into the shape of a more agreeable little child and called her his queen. The little girl was happy and remembered nothing about the Grim lands, except that it was all created by someone she admired, very much. The body was thrown for the Grimm creatures to eat and they developed a taste for human flesh. To sate their new palate, the Devil would periodically request for his little queen to go to the world of the mundane and bring back some brave, delicious children.

The little child was named Lady, although the Devil named her something else. When the child transformed into the Underworld’s Queen, she called the Devil her darling and the Angel and the Reaper were never too far behind. The Devil’s arrogance and the Queen’s madness gave birth to the celestial bodies that bicker and taunt from the heavens: Sol and Lunaria.

How did you enter the Grimm lands, child? Did a little girl beckon you to come out and play? Did a little boy bring over a friend for you to play with, sucking you into this world? Or perhaps…the sun and the moon themselves brought you to the Lands for uncertain agendas that they alone know?

Whatever the reason—you’ve walked off the beaten path little one, and we are very pleased to welcome you. Watch your head and keep your imagination healthy: the Lands are a place where idleness is the Devil’s best friend, and where the fairy tales themselves are just a little too grim for adults.

And mind your friends, although we would love to have them for tea. 

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