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I love gadgets, believe me, but hostess's mother and I think alike! Hostess was devastated when her magical ninja wallet (it disappeared and reappeared for at least a year, and at one point found its' way into Andrae's backpack--we still have no idea how it happened) was left behind in an FX whilst she was commuting home. ID cards and her bank card was lost--we'll be reporting it to UST's Security Bank on Monday. 

The family is on a tight budget and so can't really give hostess a laptop or a new cellphone (why does she love those new-fangled touchphones anyway? Darling and myself miss pressing actual keypads...these hosts and their novelty cell phones...) and since they own a boutique, hostess now has a new bag and a new wallet as her advanced birthday gifts from her mom~ ^ 7 ^ !! 

This pretty little one is all ours now, except the top and sides are a darker brown, bordering on black. I was saddened and told her mother (quite politely) if she could order some more colourful bags...I strongly hinted purple would be a good choice and she said that she would~ (and wondered why her daughter even /cared/ about the color of bags now, before it was all 'whatever can fit all my books in!' oh dear hostess...) 

But what really made me happy was this wallet! It isn't a showy pink colour (actually it's branded as Nine West's Chateau Rose, from the Eye for Eye collection) and the gold clasp is so classy. Now all that's left is for me to organize her bag so that everything fits and isn't too heavy! {methinks that I should help her transfer her notes to a smaller notebook, I know she has dozens of them lying around, just waiting to be used * 7 * very, very happy.

Pepper Lunch was just fantastic~ Grilled beans, peppered corn and chicken with Japanese rice was absolutely delicious. I even got hostess to order orange juice instead of the usual sodas. >u< and I got to order a vanilla crepe cake! I don't care if no one else loves vanilla (or if Andrae doesn't like it as much as he says so, it's such a sweet scent) as much as we do--this was crepes with vanilla-cream sauce slathered in the middle and it was yummy paired with vanilla ice cream. It takes a special kind of person to fully comprehend the complexity of vanilla, especially if it's the good kind, with flecks of black from the vanilla <3 

and hostess even made me this tiny pokemon card of my own today. We're contemplating on having it printed and laminated so that we can pin it onto her ID and stuff...* 7 * and next week, might even replace the usual boring silver house key with a purple one or a pretty coloured one (if purple isn't available ;; then maybe green or yellow? I hope purple's available!) 

Yes, my hostess used to like pastel pink and other sweet pastel colours. But now, I'm slowly replacing her things with purple~ she even has notes in purple pen! :"> (her g-tecs were always getting lost, but...the purple pens I keep buying for her always turn up here and there. Bwahahahaha~)

and now I have to finish her Geography take-home exam so that we can focus on mathematics and logic tomorrow...;; 


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